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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why sell your car to ZuCar:

Why sell your car to ZuCar?

  • We guarantee that we’ll make a cash offer in writing on your car regardless of age, model, mileage or condition and we will hold that offer to buy for five days irrespective of you buying one of our cars.

  • At ZuCar we provide you no-hassle offer irrespective of buying a car from us, this enables you to buy the car that suits you without worrying about the part exchange valuation, and you can accurately compare what you are paying for the car you are considering buying.

  • While selling the car through a private sale might be an option for some customers, it can be an uncertain process in relation to how much you will receive, how long it will take to sell and the experience of inviting people to your home to buy a used car can have its challenges

  • ZuCar will make payment directly into your bank account generally the same day assuming the banks are open!

  • We offer a quick and hassle-free transparent process via our ZuCar store or online at ZuCar.ie

  • At the end of the process, you will be provided in writing with a fair market price cash offer that we will hold for five days from our ZuCar buying team on your car subject to final inspection together with the correct documentation being provided

How do I get an offer from ZuCar for my Car?


ZuCar will make you an offer for your car irrespective of you buying one of our cars. There are two options available to get an offer for your vehicle.

Visit our store

Visit one of our ZuCar stores, and we will conduct a fast, free, no-obligation valuation. A member of our team will look over your vehicle, take photographs of the car recording the mileage, mechanical and exterior condition of the vehicle, including the depths of the tyre. The valuation generally takes approximately 30 minutes, and you will be provided with a printed cash offer in writing for your car valid for five days

Visit www.ZuCar.ie

You can log on to ZuCar.ie on your smartphone and complete the process on our website using our online appraisal system. This process is very straightforward and takes approximately ten minutes; it involves you taking six pictures of your car using your Android or Apple phone and answering a few questions on the mileage, condition and service history of your vehicle. We will then respond to you in writing within 1 hour during store opening hours with an offer which is subject to inspection at our store

The valuations are based on the age, condition, mileage and current market value of the vehicle we will make you an offer irrespective of you buying one of our cars in writing that’s valid for five days, giving you time to think it over.

What paperwork do I need to have ready?

  • The Car's registration document (together with appropriate proof of purchase if requested by us)
  • The Car's service history (if any);
  • The Car's NCT certificate (if any); and
  • The Car's user manuals (if any)

What you will need to sell or trade in?


There are a few items that you will need if you are selling or part-exchanging a car to ZuCar, and we cannot agree to purchase the vehicle without these.

  • A valid and current vehicle registration document. This is to confirm ownership
  • A valid NCT test and all service history applicable to the vehicle
  • A valid photo ID and Passport
  • All Keys and remotes applicable to the car if only one key is supplied then a reduction of €150 will be made on all cars
  • *No final offer to purchase a car will be made without providing this information

    What if I still owe money on my car?


    If you have outstanding finance on your vehicle, we will contact your finance provider to receive an up to date settlement figure. If your vehicle has had finance and it is now settled, we will need confirmation in writing from the finance company that all outstanding finance has been cleared. If the payment for the finance is more than the offer for the car, the difference is called negative equity, and the difference must be paid to ourselves in advance.

    How to complete the purchase?

    All offers that we make to purchase cars can only be made on our ZuCar App and website. The offer needs to be accepted together with a final inspection and we have received all paperwork, keys ( we will deduct the cost by €150 if only one key is provided) , proof of title, and confirmation that there is no outstanding finance. We will ask you to sign a change of ownership, copy of our purchase agreement to confirm that the car has not been stolen or subject to an insurance or total loss claim, all outstanding taxes has been paid and is your property we will then pay you directly in to your bank account or offset the payment if you are buying a car from ZuCar.

    About ZuCar

    How can your prices be so low?


    The ZuCar buying team have extensive partnerships to buy the best-used stock cars available in the market with Ireland's largest car dealership groups and financial institutions, and our purchase power allows us to buy used stock in volume and pass on the great savings to our customers. At ZuCar We have a no-haggling policy to offer the same low prices to everyone and believe all our customers should enjoy the same great prices. All cars are price checked regularly to ensure we stay competitive to give you a great deal.  

    Reserving a ZuCar

    Can I reserve a car?


    Yes, if you contact us directly and upon payment of a €100 refundable deposit, we will reserve the car in your name for a maximum of 48 hours. 

    Can I reserve a car on the phone?


    Yes, you can by calling us on 01 255 1212.

    Buying a car:

    Will you accept a lower price for your used cars?


    Due to our unique business model, the cars are already priced at our most competitive price. We have a no-haggling policy to offer the same low prices to everyone and believe all our customers should enjoy the same great prices, whether they are good at haggling or not. We review our prices daily and have a team who specialise in this area to ensure that our vehicles are competitive.

    Can I see the car before buying it?


    Of course! Please arrange a viewing by calling us on 01 255 1221 (refer to the contact page for our opening times). Keep in mind that the deposit is fully refundable, so if you have found a car you like, reserve it online to make sure that somebody else doesn't snap it up first.

    What happens if I change my mind?


    All our cars have a 5 Day no-quibble money-back guarantee and a 30-Day Exchange Policy. If you are not satisfied with your car, you can return it up to 5 days after picking up or delivery for a refund or within 30 days for a swap to another vehicle of the same price. T&C’s apply.

    Do you charge for credit card transactions?


    Payments by debit or credit card for our deposit €500 do not incur a fee, any payment over the €500 will incur a credit card fee of 2%. ZuCar's preferred payment method is via bank transfer, debit card or ZuCar Finance to pay for your vehicle.

    What are my payment options?


    Apply for ZuCar Finance at our store or online at ZuCar.ie.

  • Complete your finance application in 5 minutes, and we will give you a decision generally within a couple of hours, immediately, or if we need additional information, it can take up to 48 hours. You can select the term and deposit on our online calculator or in our store to generate the right customised quote for you.
  • You can make your payment to ZuCar using the following payment methods. We charge fees for certain payment methods according to the associated costs. There are four free payment methods - Debit card, credit card, bankers draft and Bank transfers (EFT).
  • Do you accept cash payments?


    We can accept cash payments only up to €2,000 in the store. Should you wish to utilise more than €2,000, you will be required to come along to our bank to deposit the monies in person.

    About our cars

    Is car XYZ still available?


    Yes! If it is listed on ZuCar.ie, it is available. On occasion, despite every effort we make to provide you with up to date information, it can, unfortunately, happen that a car gets reserved almost simultaneously by two different customers. If that is the case, the deposit is refunded to the last person who made the deposit. Naturally, we will endeavour to find you a similar car if that is your preference.

    Have your cars been checked?


    Every car listed on ZuCar.ie has had a vehicle history check and must meet our standards before we sell it. We carry out a ZuCar 114-point safety and mechanical inspection on all our cars. You will also benefit from our 30-day guarantee. 

    Does it have a Full Service History?


    Most of our ZuCars have a full-service history; some have a partial history. At the point of sale, all vehicles will have at least 3 months or 3,000 km until the next service is due, many of our vehicles will have just been serviced.  

    Does it have an NCT?


    Yes. All our ZuCars have at least six months NCT. If they have less than six months at the purchase date, we will give it a full 12 months prior to delivery. 

    What is the road tax due for this car?


    The Road Tax in Ireland depends on the CO2 emissions, which is indicated for all our cars in the "specifications" tab. We can tell you about the road tax for all our vehicles. 

    Are the tyres legal?


    Yes, this is one of the points in our 114-point inspection, and we show clear images of the tyre treads on all listings. We ensure all tyres have a minimum of 3mm tread remaining. (The legal limit is 1.6mm) 

    Do you offer an extended warranty?


    We do offer an optional extended warranty package. Check our warranty page to find more details this. 

    What is fair wear and tear on a car?


    We try to be as transparent as possible in providing you with all the information you need to buy one of our cars. If we find a damaged area on the car when we inspect it, we repair it. Some minor imperfections that are commensurate with a car's age and mileage would be considered acceptable and will be visible from the car photographs. For a full understanding of what we consider fair wear and tear, please see our fair wear and tear guide.

    About our Experience Centres:

    Where are your experience centres located?


    Our Experience Centres aren’t like traditional car dealerships. We stock an enormous range of fully reconditioned cars, from hatchbacks to SUVs and more - far too many to store in our centres!

    If you want to learn more about us, you can pop by 7 days a week. You can browse our website at a centre, and if you find something you like, buy your car online.

    Our Experience Centres are in Dublin,Cork and Limerick.

    When are your experience centres open?


    We're open Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm and Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

    Can I come and visit you?


    Please do! Check out your nearest location by clicking on the 'Our Locationsor call 01 255 1212.

    Can I pick up the car and drive away on the same day?


    In most cases, yes! 95% of our cars are ready to leave. 

    How much fuel will be in my car?


    ZuCar is a low-cost model offering the most competitive price possible to our customers. We do not fill our cars up with fuel as we would have to pass this cost on to you.

    It is therefore likely that the tank will be relatively low, and you will need to visit the local fuel station. Our handover team will happily direct you there upon request.

    About car delivery:

    Must the car be paid for before being delivered?


    Yes. All cars must be paid for before collection. Our preferred payment method is Bank Transfer. Alternatively, a Bankers Draft will be accepted during Monday – Friday Banking hours (10.00am – 3.00pm). We also accept credit card payments up to the value of €500. 

    What happens if I'm not happy with the car on delivery?


    All our cars have a five-day no-quibble money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your car, you can return it up to 5 days after picking up or delivery. 

    Will you deliver my car around Ireland?


    Yes, we have a number of nationwide delivery options available. Costs will vary depending on location. Contact our ZuGuides for a quotation today.

    About car finance:

    Do you provide finance?


    Yes. Finance is our most popular method of payment at ZuCar. Simply, choose the car you want, click on the "Finance Calculator" link and you will be provided with an option to tailor your monthly payments. Visit our finance pagefor more information. ZuCar Finance is in association with Bank of Ireland Finance. offer

    Is your rate competitive?


    At ZuCar Finance we charge one fixed rate on all cars to all customers. Just like our Cars we don’t haggle on finance we get the most competitive market rate we can and pass it on to our customers.  

    What if my finance application is declined because I have experienced an issue that may have affected my credit rating in the past?


    Perhaps you have missed a credit card payment or are not a homeowner and have been refused credit previously from your Bank? Or maybe this is your first loan, and you have no credit history? Whatever your circumstances, we can source an alternative finance provider. However, while this can be an excellent opportunity to build a positive credit history again, please note that these loans may carry higher interest rates than ZuCar Finance.

    How can I apply for finance?


    Applying for finance is simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Just simply select the vehicle you wish to finance click on the finance me button and answer some very basic questions. In most cases, approvals online can be given in less than two hours, during working hours. If you are in store, then you only need to talk to our Transaction Manager who will handle everything for you

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