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Fair and Flexible Options

ZuCar Finance - Fair and Flexible 

At ZuCar, we provide fair fixed pricing with flexible term options with speedy approval. Our Financial Advisors can handle all the necessary paperwork for you.We are trustworthy, safe, reliable, competitive and secure. 

Applying for Finance
Applying for finance is simple and can be done at ZuCar or from the comfort of your own home. Simply select the vehicle you wish to finance, click on the "Apply for HP Finance" button and answer the short questionnaire.


Protect your Purchase

Purchasing your dream car is one thing, keeping it in the same condition and protecting your investment is where our ZuCar team can help by offering you additional peace of mind. 

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SMART Repair Contract

How many times do you notice minor damage on your vehicle and wish it could be easily repaired? ZuCar Smart Insurance helps you keep your car in showroom condition without compromising your no-claims bonus. It covers you for the cost of repair to all dents, scratches, chips and minor damage up to 15 times over a three-year period. If the damage to your vehicle is not Smart repairable and requires a bodyshop repair, your Smart insurance will contribute €250 towards that repair invoice.

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RTI Insurance

RTI means Return To Invoice Insurance. This is a very popular product as it protects your vehicle should it be written off or stolen. Should you be unfortunate and experience total loss RTI covers you for the difference between what you actually paid for the car and what your Insurers are willing to pay out. Insurers will only pay out “Market Value” not what you paid for it.

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Paint Protection

ZuCar teamed up with Carmour Paint Protection to give your car an all-round protective layer. Maintain the showroom condition of your vehicle and ensure maximum visibility even in severe weather conditions.

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ZuCar Assist

ZuCar Assist Recovery Service is an emergency assistance service designed to suit you. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you to contact, should your vehicle experience a breakdown. ZuCar Assist Recovery Service are trained to the highest standard and backed by the latest computer technology and mapping facilities together with a fully trained network of Recovery Operators throughout Ireland.