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Cosmetic Repair Centre

Scratches, dents, alloys & bumper repairs

Cosmetic Repair Centre

At ZuCar we understand that mishaps such as scratches and bumps can happen. With an on-site Cosmetic Repair Centre, our services include paint scratch repairs, car dent repairs, alloy wheel (including diamond cut) repairs and bumper scuffs.

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Panel Repair

Minor chips are an annoyance of every day motoring. We can quickly and easily restore the original appearance of your paint job.

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Alloy Wheel Repair

Scuffed and kerbed alloy wheel rims and spokes are extremely common. It can be very frustrating when you've invested in a nice set of alloy wheels. We can also repair diamond cut alloy wheels. This is a premium finish for exclusive and modern alloys. This type of wheel is recognized by a shiny metal effect surface in combination with a painted colour. This can be a quick fix as well as cost-effective.

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Minor Dents

Restoring dents is the quickest method of dent repair and eliminates the need for filling and painting. These repairs can be made within a few hours, and once complete, can ultimately help to restore the value of your vehicle.

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Bumper Scuffs

Car bumper scuffs not only effect the overall appearance of your vehicle, but also significantly affect its resale value. We provide a full restore service for your bumper which is much more cost effective than a complete bumper replacement.